MuSQL Release History

Version 3.01   (release date: 2017-09-27 )

- Bug fixes:
-- With SQL.BAT executable file of SQL Developer SQLcl command line tool 
     selected as the tool to connect to databases, MuSQL would not stop and ask
     user after executing job script in one database but would proceed to
     executing the script in the next database. This has been fixed
-- Database include/exclude lists created or edited in Notepad and containing
     just a single very short database name (2 characters of less) not followed
     by a newline character are no longer disregarded
-- The failure, under certain conditions, to select Oracle Instant Client as the
     command line tool to connect to databases has been fixed
-- Small cosmetic changes


Version 3.00   (release date: 2017-08-17)

- New features
-- Support added for Oracle SQL Developer Command Line tool SQLcl as a
     tool to access databases during MuSQL job execution. SQLcl claims
     to support all SQL*Plus features and adds its own features, including
     useful report formatting options
-- New menu option PX to choose a report file extension (only when SQLcl is
     selected as the database access tool)
-- Improved support for using EZCONNECT database naming method and for using
     full connnection descriptors as database names
-- Added support for global login profile script glogin.sql that produces
     output but does not request user input
-- Added support for Oracle Home names that contain spaces

- Bug fixes:
-- The utility for picking files and directories when user types in
     a file/directory name works correctly now under any conditions 

Version 2.79   (release date: 2017-02-02)

- New features
-- Installing and running MuSQL on Windows 10 machines is fully supported
-- Configuring MuSQL jobs to connect to databases AS SYSASM, AS SYSBACKUP,
     AS SYSDG, or AS SYSKM is now supported (the last 3 connection modes
     are available beginning with Oracle Database 12c and require a
     corresponding version of Oracle Database client)
-- After the job script has executed in the last of the selected databases,
     the Try & Ask dialog asking user whether the script ran as expected is
     not presented anymore

- Bug fixes:
-- Improved detection of other MuSQL sessions running on the user's computer
-- Previously missing files with instructions on how to remove "Administrator: "
     from window titles are now included in installation package
-- Checking for MuSQL latest version does not fail anymore with an "Unable to
     determine..." message when an Internet connection is available
-- When the open job does not have any database groups selected and the user
     tries to close MuSQL or open another job, MuSQL does not keep asking anymore
     if the user wants to save the job even when no changes have been made since
     the job was last saved
-- Detection of references to custom pre-connection programs in exported jobs
     has been improved, so that user always gets reminded to copy those programs
     to the destination machines on which those jobs will be imported
-- Checking for MuSQL latest version does not fail anymore with an "Unable to
     determine..." message when Internet connection is available
-- When MuSQL job is executed in command-line mode and a pre-connection script
     is enabled that sets only login IDs but not login passwords, job executions
     do not fail anymore with a "not connected" message
-- Reliability of HTML-to-CSV report conversion has been improved; certain
     characters in the reports that previously caused conversions to fail do
     not cause failures
-- The bug has been fixed where, after selecting the option to review the job
     script that was used to produce the interim HTML file for a _suspended_
     HTML-to-CSV report conversion, the user was returned to the menu for 
     _interrupted_ HTML-to-CSV conversions
-- Pauses have been added after certain information messages in HTML-to-CSV
     report conversion processing to allow user better opportunity to see
     the messages
-- Error catching functionality for failed HTML-to-CSV report conversion processes
     that run in separate windows has been improved; when a file conversion fails
     with an error, the window does not close immediately but displays the error
     message that may help identify the error's cause

Version 2.78   (release date: 2014-01-19)

- New features
-- When current Oracle client home contains a SQL*Plus global profile script 
     glogin.sql that produces output, MuSQL does not crash anymore when user
     enters a password, but shows a descriptive message and refuses to use that
     Oracle home
-- The name of the Unistall shortcut now includes the application name so that it
     is clear which application it uninstalls - useful on Windows 8 where multiple
     similarly named shortcuts may appear on the desktop under the same header

- Bug fixes:
-- MuSQL shortcuts in Windows Start Menu and on the desktop have been modified,
     and so 64-bit Windows systems no longer substutute a generic icon for MuSQL
     icon when displaying open MuSQL windows

Version 2.77   (release date: 2014-01-09)

- New features
-- When the titles of MuSQL windows on user's computer begin with "Adminstrator:"
     and this prevents user from seeing the rest of the title, a tip is displayed
     upon starting MuSQL advising user on how to get rid of "Administrator:" in
     window titles
-- The MuSQL icon file now includes a 256-bit and a 48-bit icons which, in certain
     situations, are used by the latest versions of Windows

- Bug fixes:
-- When importing MuSQL jobs from export file, a bug causing "'mkimpdirs' is not
     recognized ..." messages instead of creating report directories for imported
     jobs has been fixed
-- Under certain versions of 64-bit Windows, progress report of some file utilities
     (search, convert, verify) was displayed by printing processed row counts or
     file names one after another rather than each next entry overwriting the
     previous one on the same line. This has been fixed
-- The non-working link to GNU General Public License in the Miscellaneous help
     file has been fixed

Version 2.76   (release date: 2012-03-22)

- Bug fixes:
-- Closing a job does not cause a '=?customCmd:"=?" was unexpected' error anymore.
-- A bug with an error message "'nosuch' is not recognized as ..." when renaming
     or moving a job folder has been fixed
-- A bug resulting in file or folder name incorrectly appearing as something like
     "~85" when saving a new job or renaming/moving a job folder has been fixed.

Version 2.75   (release date: 2012-02-03)

- New features:
-- New menu command JK (Job Kill) allows user to terminate a stuck or runaway 
     job executuion rather than kill the application window. This allows user 
     to regain control of the application and save the job
-- Job reports can now be saved in a CSV (comma-separated values) format. Reports
     are initially saved as HTML files and then converted to CSV format. If the
     file is big, conversion is started in a separate window; conversions can be
     suspended and later resumed. Consequently, the name for menu command PM to
     select job report format has been changed from "Markup" to "Format"
-- New menu command JZ can be used to suspend, resume, or abort HTML-to-CSV
     report conversions
-- The Enter Password utility has been redesigned. It now runs in the main window;
     the characters of the password being entered are never displayed; the utility
     is not subject to the Windows bug that previously prevented a "blind"
     password window from being displayed
-- The utility to select multiple items or files from a list now utilizes full 
     width of the window if necessary rather than truncate long entries to 65

- Bug fixes:
-- SQLPlus command-line options -L and -R are not used when MuSQL uses an Oracle
     Database client that does not support those options
-- HTML markup is now suppressed when MuSQL uses an Oracle Database client that 
     does not support HTML markup
-- When no valid network configuration file tnsnames.ora is found for the current
     Oracle home, verifying a database group now does not display a message 
     "All group names successfully verified" when the group has no references 
     to other database groups
-- Working with menu command RD (Delete Report) no longer causes crashes
-- An option to canced and return to the menu has been added to the set of options
     for menu command JR (Rename jobs)
-- File selection utility, when invoked with file extension wildcard filter, now
     correctly displays only files matching the wildcard filter
-- File selection utility now does not show empty CD drives in the list of
     available drives when "Select another drive" option is selected
-- Handling and display of job and folder names containing exclamation marks "!"
     has been improved
-- The bug introduced in version 2.73 that on 64-bit operating systems prevented
      MuSQL from finding some installed Oracle homes has been fixed
-- Support for Oracle Instant Client has been improved
-- Support for Windows 2000 has been improved

Version 2.74   (release date: 2011-11-09)
- Bug fixes:
-- Fixed endless cycle in user choice dialogs that was happening in some localized
     Windows environments 
-- Implemented a workaround for a Windows bug that prevented a "blind" password 
     window from being displayed on some machines and caused application to hang;
     application does not hang anymore but posts a message that "blind" window
     feature is not available on that machine
-- Removed calls to Windows GRAFTABL.EXE utility which is not available on some 
     Windows 7 machines

Version 2.73   (release date: 2011-07-06)
- New features:
-- A list of recently opened jobs is now maintained; user can open a job from the
    recently opened jobs list (menu command JT)
-- A new job option (menu command PW) added to increase MuSQL window width for a
     job; useful when job script sets LINESIZE to a value greater than 80
-- Improved handling (creation, maintenance, export/import, etc.) of jobs and 
     database groups with names that contain characters not supported by the 
     active code page and extended ASCII (upper-ASCII) characters
--- assigning job names and database group names that contain characters not
      supported by the active code page is not allowed; hash characters "#" in
      database group name are also not allowed since they will be treated as the
      beginning of a comment in another group definition file that references
      the group
--- a new menu command JX (Check Job Names) added to the Jobs menu to find jobs
      with names that have characters not supported by the active code page; if
      such jobs are found, they can be renamed
--- a new command added to the Database Groups menu to find groups with names
      that have characters not supported by the active code page and also hash
      characters "#"; if such groups are found, they can be renamed
--- when exporting a selected list of jobs or database groups, the list file with
      the selected names is now encoded using the current ANSI code page rather
      than with the OEM code page. As a result, file names with extended ASCII
      characters are recognized by the export utility (zip.exe or pkzipc.exe )
      and such files are included in the export file
-- When using Oracle Database client version 10 or newer, virtual (SUBSTed) drives
     are not created anymore during job execution; this eliminated situations when
     a job could not be executed because no more drive letters were available for
     SUBST when several other MuSQL instances were executing jobs, or after MuSQL
     instances had crashed or had been killed while executing jobs but were still
     holding SUBST drive letters

- Bug fixes:
-- Entering S (for "view Script") after selecting menu command SD now shows the
   script and does not cause an error
-- Erroneous message "Top folder is not \\ and is not a parent folder of start
     folder" is not displayed anymore when saving a job in a subfolder
-- Menu command RM (Manage Reports) now shows a correct message when selected 
     while MuSQL has an unnamed job open
-- Job and folder names containing parentheses no longer cause crashes
-- Working with an Oracle home whose path is not in PATH environmental variable
     or is preceded there by another Oracle home is now handled correctly
-- User regained the ability to suppress a reminder to use menu command Q to close
     the application rather than kill the window (the ability was lost in ver. 2.72)
-- MuSQL now correctly determines which TNSNames.ora file will be used by Oracle
     Database client in some situations when no client is registered in Windows
     registry and an ORACLE_HOME environment variable is defined
-- Multiple improvements in the single file/folder picker utility:
--- the listing no longer shows an empty page beyond the last item when the number
      of available items is a multiple of 20 and user enters L (last page) command
--- performance improved (pages are displayed much faster) when the number of
      available items is very big


Version 2.72   (release date: 2010-10-06)
- New features:
-- Upon startup, MuSQL now optionally checks if a newer version is avaialble
-- A new function (menu command FD, option 5) allows user to create a default
     SQL*Plus script, common for all jobs. The script will be executed every
     time MuSQL connects to a database, before specific job script is executed.
     The common script creates the same SQL*Plus environment for every session
-- Before saving an existing job under another name (menu command JA), MuSQL
     now checks if the new  name is different from the old name; when a job
     with the new name already exists, MuSQL now checks if the job has reports
     or if it is open in another MuSQL session before overwriting it
-- New job menu commands JN (New) and JO (Open) have been added as duplicates
     of existing N and O commands for consistency with command naming
-- Multiple single file/folder picker utility changes:
--- user can now type in a file or folder name from any allowed folder or drive
      - an alternative to navigating to the desired folder and entering the
      item's number; a new name can be entered when allowed; short 8-dot-3 
      substitutions for long file names are supported; user input is checked
      and validated
--- file and folder names containing Unicode characters are no longer displayed
      with question marks "?" substituted for those characters; instead, such
      items are filtered out and user is notified
--- when showing a list of available drives, physical paths for virtual
      (substituted) drives are now displayed next to drive letters
--- a ? (help) command is now available
- Bug fixes:
-- Job and folder names containing parentheses no longer cause crashes
-- User is now referred to for _information about_ downloading
     zip.exe and unzip.exe utilities, not for directly downloading (the site
     does not offer executables for download)
-- The old menu command JY (to copy/clone a job) which had been replaced by JA 
     command (Save as) in an earlier release but was still accepted if entered 
     from the Job group menu is no longer accepted
-- Job names and folders containing ampersand character "&" are not anymore
     displayed with a caret "^" preceding the ampersand
-- Full job names that begin with a comma "," or semicolon ";" are now correctly
     displayed in the window's title bar
-- Multiple job deletion and move functions now correctly handle job and job
     folder names containing exclamation marks "!"
-- Multiple job deletion and move functions now correctly determine when a job
     or job folder to be deleted or moved is open in another MuSQL session
-- When job export encounters errors and the export file is not created, a 
     "partial success" message is not displayed anymore
-- After a job export, the list of exported jobs referring to external SQL*Plus
     scripts no longer erroneously includes jobs configured to be executed in
     database groups with names containing character "@"
-- After a job import, the list of imported jobs referring to custom pre-
     connection programs and external SQL scripts now correctly displays job
     and folder names containing exclamation marks "!" and double spaces
-- MuSQL will no longer crash when executing a job with a name containing a
     closing parenthesis ")" and with an option to display job name in HTML
     report title enabled
-- When user creates a database group by typing database names in a Notepad
     session and the saved file is empty, the user is no longer asked to
     assign a name to the group
-- Improved handling of cases when an attempt to delete or overwrite a file
     fails (due to lack of access rights, read-only drive, etc.)
-- MuSQL no longer skips files and other items whose names begin with a
     semicolon ";"
-- Multiple improvements in the single file/folder picker utility:
--- the listing no longer goes beyond the last page when the number of available
      items is a multiple of 20 and the user enters an L (last page) command
--- improved input validation of user-typed file/folder names

Version 2.71   (release date: 2009-12-30)
- New features:
-- Improved support for installation on 64-bit Windows operating systems

- Bug fixes:
-- Program no longer asks for user input in non-interactive batch-file mode
-- When displaying the set of databases in which a job will be executed (menu 
     option CS) for a selection of database groups referencing other groups,
     the warning that the set will be reordered before job execution is no longer
     displayed. An option to reorder the set and remove duplicates is offered
     only if the resulting set contains duplicates 

Version 2.70   (release date: 2009-08-27)
- New features:
-- Install-time verification that the version being installed is the latest one
-- Improved security: supplying database password as argument to sqlplus.exe
    command is discontinued; password is now invisible to even advanced Windows 
    process management tools
-- Improved security: database password is not supplied anymore as part of 
    the local sqlplus.exe command line and therefore is not visible to even 
    advanced Windows process management tools
-- New job options:
--- include run-time job argument values in job reports
--- enable keyboard input during script execution (now disabled by default)
-- New menu options:
--- save modified job under another name ("save as") - replaces the option to 
      copy/clone the job in previous versions
--- preview saved jobs (shows first 10 lines of job script of each job)
--- check if a newer version of the tool exists
--- go to tool's website
--- contact support
-- Clarified instructions for using non-local database name resolution methods
      (name directories, etc.)
-- Improved debugging capabilities

- Bug fixes:
-- Error message no longer displayed when the user has lost write permission
     to the directory where the tool is installed
-- Command options in custom report file manager command are now supported
-- Error message no longer displayed when a job or database group export/import
    command is selected and an expired trial version of PKZIP.EXE is found
-- Multiple script argument values are now properly processed when supplied
    in MuSQL command line
-- Timestamp part of job report file names no longer contains spaces
-- Misleading error message is no longer displayed when a job is being saved
     with Unicode characters in its name
-- Error messages is no longer displayed after a database group is deleted 
      (current directory is now restored to the original directory)
-- Application will now work when CMD.EXE command extensions are not enabled
-- Installation and application programs will now work when directory with
      non-Windows (e.g. Unix/Linux-type) command utilities like FIND.EXE are
      listed in PATH before the Windows system directory
-- Application will now offer to save the modified but not yet saved job after
      menu option FG (Database Groups) and then its option Q (Quit) is selected
-- Uninstallation program will not remove Windows Start Menu entries and desktop
      shortcuts for other BS Utilities for Oracle tools (like PassAid) installed
      at other locations

Version 2.65   (release date: 2009-04-23)
- Installation is now supported on machines where installing user does not have
   local administrator rights or has UAC (User Account Control) enabled
- Modified installation program that failed on versions of Windows Vista where
   EXPAND.EXE utility is incompatible with those in other releases
- Modified batch utilities to support the changed output format of REG.EXE Query
   command on some versions of Windows Vista
- Modified file picker utilities to filter out folders and files with some special
   characters (like percent sign %) in their names instead of rejecting the
   operation outright
- Fixed a bug introduced in version 2.63 that under certain conditions prevented
   User ID change
- Discontinued disabling of command history (previously entered command recall).
   Because of Windows bugs, in Windows XP and earlier versions such disabling
   caused an instant system crash when user accidentally pressed certain function
   keys (F2, F3), while in Windows Vista disabling did not work and command history
   remained enabled.

Version 2.63   (release date: 2009-04-03)
- Bug fixes:
-- Fixed bugs in displaying job names in job picker and in window title when job
    name contains character '&'
-- Fixed incorrectly generated job report names on systems with some locales
-- Fixed nonworking menu option in Job Connections group menu
- Improved password entering module to allow tab characters in passwords
- Reformulated and clarified wording of some instructions and prompts
- Added a reminder to end each sql statement in job scripts with a semicolon or
   a forward slash in next line to avoid job execution hanging

Version 2.62   (release date: 2008-06-03)
- Bug fixes:
-- Fixed a bug where an attempt to change a default settings (user ID, database
   selection, etc.) changed the current setting
- Implemented a workaround for inconsistent Windows XP installation that caused
  calls to Windows' TASKLIST.EXE to display error messages during MuSQL startup
- Reformulated and clarified wording of some instructions and prompts

Version 2.60   (release date: 2008-04-04)
- New features:
-- Nested database groups
-- Export/import of jobs and database groups
- Bug fixes:

Version 2.52   (release date: 2008-01-21)
- Bug fixes:
-- Fixed invalid URL in support.html

Version 2.51   (release date: 2007-10-18)
- Bug fixes:
-- Fixed a bug in Database Groups program that, when started directly from Windows
   Start menu, prevented it from finding Oracle Home.

Version 2.50   (release date: 2007-08-24)
- First public release