MuSQL Download

Note: Installing a new version of MuSQL will NOT overwrite previously created database groups, job definitions, reports, or other saved MuSQL settings.

Instructions for downloading and installing MuSQL:

  1. Click on the link to download a self-extracting ZIP file. If asked whether to run it or save it, select "Run". If you saved the file, execute it.

  2. When asked to unpack files, choose a temporary directory where files will be unpacked.

  3. Two files will be unpacked in the temporary directory: Install.bat (executable) and

  4. Run Install.bat and follow instructions.

  5. Once MuSQL is installed, you may delete Install.bat,, and the downloaded file (if saved) from the temporary directory.

Download MuSQL301.exe

File's SHA1 digest c687384059b86569788faa85569617b4a37b8572